Laughing Frogs

The Laughing Frogs Advantage

Our advantage is our management team of committed individuals that believes in organically grown pesticide- and herbicide-free CBD. We have extensive experience in bio-tech, growing, sourcing, and product research and development. Laughing Frogs is another quality company of Whitechapel Holdings, specializing in organic cannabis and superfood solutions. Whitechapel provides services ranging from growing, seed-to-sale operations, sourcing for hemp, extraction, formulations, packaging and production, education, and sales and marketing. Each division is structured as separate entities to comply with state and federal regulations to mitigate risk.

Laughing Frogs focuses on the highest quality organic hemp CBD extracts focusing on health and wellness. This, our  nutraceuticals are optimized for maximum effectiveness. CBD-only products can be effective, but combined with our health and wellness formulations, our consumers enjoy maximum results. All Laughing Frogs products are 50-states legal for purchase online or via our resellers.

Organic Beginnings

Healing waters flooded the lands long ago, delighting and invigorating all the frogs. So much so, it made them laugh. Our approach is much the same – organic, natural ingredients for healing, health, and wellness. We use ailment-specific ingredients for pain, mood, sleep, energy, and daily balance. Further, we make our products bioavailable for maximum absorption. You may not laugh, but you’ll feel great using Laughing Frogs solutions.

We assembled a management team who’s mission is to bring consumers the most advanced, impactful organic and cannabis-based solutions.

Certified Organic

We source our organic hemp from Spain. Using compounds and oils derived from cannabis stalks, these materials fall within the exclusion  of the controlled substance rules. As such our use of imported hemp is lawful under the applicable federal law. Our production facilities are certified as cGMP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and HACCP. 

We use industry-leading testing infrastructure: testing of soil/water; at planting; pre-harvest biomass; post-harvest biomass, multiple tests during processing stages. Further, we use three outside lab tests of the final batch before the sale, and for the products to be shipped. You can trust Laughing Frogs for the finest CBD solutions available.

Total Body Balance

Homeostasis, or balance, is an important approach to health and wellness. Typically, when the body gets out of balance, or too acidic, this provides a growth bed for diseases. Chronic diseases includ cancer, Chron’s, gout, arthritis, and many others. Hemp CBD products are great for allowing your body to regain your internal balance. At Laughing Frogs, we focus on a total body approach to health and wellness. We use organic ingredients when developing our CBD rich products, and target ingredients for specific wellness issues. 

As always, consult with your doctor when starting a new program. For more, go to How CBD Works.