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Trusted Hemp Solutions

Laughing Frogs focuses on the highest quality CBD oil combined with health and wellness nutraceuticals for optimal effectiveness. CBD-only products can be effective, but combined with our health and wellness formulations, our consumers enjoy maximum results. All Laughing Frogs products are 50-states legal for purchase online or via our resellers.

Certified Organic Hemp Oil
Laughing Frogs source their legal hemp materials from many different locations. these materials fall within the exclusion from the definition of the controlled substance, marijuana. As such our use of imported hemp is lawful under the applicable federal law. Our production facilities are certified as cGMP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and HACCP with industry-leading testing infrastructure: testing of soil/water; at planting; pre-harvest biomass; post-harvest biomass, multiple tests during processing stages, and three outside lab tests of the final batch before the sale and three outside lab tests of products to be shipped. Trust Laughing Frogs for the finest hemp solutions available.

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Total Body Homeostasis
Homeostasis, or balance, is an important approach to health and wellness. When the body gets out of balance, typically becomes too acidic, this provides a growth bed for diseases like cancer, Chron’s, gout, arthritis, and many others. Cannabis products are great for allowing your body to regain your internal balance. At Laughing Frogs, we focus on a total body approach to health and wellness. We use organic ingredients when developing our CBD rich products, and target ingredients for specific wellness issues. As always, consult with your doctor when starting a new program. For more, go to ScienceScience.

A Complete Family of Products
We offer a complete line of hemp rich products for total body homeostasis. As we introduce new organic products, we concentrate on key areas of health and wellness. We work with our customers and resellers using feedback and group meetings to develop the finest solutions available. We use an approach we call ‘Best-of-Shelf.’
Imagine going to a health food store, Whole Foods, or other fine organic outlets and asking for something for sleep, or pain, for example. They point you to a shelf with 10-12 products. With Laughing Frogs, we’ve done the work of selecting the best solution on the pain or sleep shelf, then enriching with our organic CBD oils. In a final step, we make the product bioavailable, or water-soluble for maximum effectiveness. The ingredients in our nutraceuticals target specific issues while the CBDs help expand and accelerate the effectiveness of the total product.

Whole product family (About page)

The Laughing Frogs Advantages
Why do some hemp products work while other don’t? Many manufacturers skip an important process in the development of extracts and formulations – bioavailability or water solubility. It’s not enough to do extraction at sub- or super-critical levels. There is another step to create nanoemulsions which makes the elements in the product smaller to be absorbed easily by the body.
Since our bodies are 60% water, our internal systems can absorb water soluble solutions more completely. Without water solubility in a product, the body may only absorb 10-15% of the elements versus 85-100%. Without bioavailability, you’re just passing elements and compounds right through your system without maximum benefits. Our process for bioavailability reduces the droplet size in our products by as much as 25X (nanoemulsions). This process is used in detergents and vitamins, for example. If not, then detergents develop clumps and vitamins pass right through your body with little or no impact

Here are the advantages of Laughing Frogs Nutraceuticals products: