Laughing Frogs

Optimizing Effectiveness
Laughing Frogs uses a best-of-shelf strategy for nutraceuticals developed by our team. These are products that are superior to existing products you might find in an organic foods or market like Whole Foods. Think of viewing the dozens of natural solutions, for say sleep, on a shelf, picking the most effective, best-seller, with clinical test results, and then enriching with a full spectrum of CBD and terpene  extracts. These enrichment elements each have a tailored approach to consumer needs. With Laughing Frogs, you have the premier CBD Rich Nutraceuticals available anywhere.

We take the guess work out of organic supplements. Our solutions always focus on total homeostasis and may be found in a wide range of vitamin, grocery, cannabis, and small retailers nationwide. You may order our products online with a 15-day money back guarantee with an assurance you are getting the optimal solution for specific ailment, health and wellness. Laughing Frogs is a brand you can trust.

Focus on Homeostasis
Laughing Frogs has developed nutraceuticals for specific health and wellness that focus on total body balance. The cannabinoids in our products accelerate the effectiveness of the nutraceuticals while producing a general body feeling of equilibrium. Consumers may use a combination of solutions to achieve the desired results. 

For example, during the day a person with pain from arthritis may use the Laughing Frogs PAIN™ as an anti-inflammatory and at night use Laughing Frogs SLEEP™ with melatonin. We maintain an extensive knowledge base of the latest developments in organic nutraceutical solutions and their CBD profiles. This allows us to constantly improve our solutions. When your balance is balanced, reducing levels of acidity, then certain ailments and diseases can’t get a start.

Formatted for Success
Our sublinguals are applied under the tongue, which are absorbed through the mucous membrane and into the blood stream. This takes effect in 20-30 minutes. Our Laughing Frogs Softgel™ tablets enter via the digestive system and take a little longer (1-1.5 hours). We provide this format as some users prefer the softgels to other formats. All formulas are non-GMO, bioavailable, and rich in CBD.

  • PAIN - Anti-inflammatory with PCR (anxiety) and curcumin (turmeric/ginger)
  • VIGOR - PCR, CoQ10 (antioxidant), PQQ (anti-aging, memory) for more energy/stamina
  • MOOD - L-5-HTP (anxiety/relax), Bacopa (memory)
  • SLEEP - PCR, B12, CoQ10, PQQ, melatonin
  • SOFTGELGOLD - Daily formula for general health, 25mg CBD/tablet, no-THC
  • SOFTGELRAW - Sleep formula with melatonin, 25mg CBD/tablet, no-THC

Cannabis: Marijuana vs. Hemp vs. CBD
It can be confusing talking about this exciting revitalization of marijuana and hemp in discussions of medicine, products, legality, distribution, and education. Here’s a simple way to view it–IT’S ALL CANNABIS! Hemp has been grown globally for uses like clothing, building materials, and the plant’s extract value for organic healing. 

Marijuana plants go back thousands of years and have hundreds of varieties, are female plants that are thicker, juicier, and fuller than hemp. It contains large amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the psychoactive ingredient and CBD (cannabidiol) non-psychoactive, with various cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CNB, CBG, CBDA, and CBL). They can be a Sativa (uplift) or an Indica (relax) plant. Hemp plants are taller, thinner, Sativa male plants with little or no THC, but an abundance of CBD. They are not as juicy as marijuana, and it takes more plant to make oils than marijuana, but it is cheaper to grow. 

Hemp has been cultivated more widely in the last few years, at a lower cost, with less licensing and legal issues surrounding it. It is generally considered legal in the U.S. since it does not have the psychoactive (high) issues for users, states, and federal regulations. Product companies are using hemp oils to create a wide range of solutions for health and wellness. CBD will not get you high and is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. 

So, when you use the term hemp oil, it designates oils that have less than .3% THC. All Laughing Frogs products are made with organic, quality hemp oil with no THC.

Endocannabinoid System
(ECS) Discovery The ECS is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids. In 1992 Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a professor of medical chemistry and natural products was working in the lab at Hebrew University when he stumbled on a startling revelation. Together with his team, they uncovered a naturally occurring neurotransmitter called anandamide. They kept digging and what they found was remarkable: Anandamide is an “endo” cannabinoid produced in the body, and it is similar in structure and activity to THC derived from cannabis. From this discovery came a better understanding of these compounds and how they link together and form the ECS. The main role of the ECS is homeostasis or balance in your body and health.

The ECS and Homeostasis
Our bodies are full of cannabinoid receptor sites. The best known are cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2). They keep your brain and body hormones in balance and they do it by either starting or stopping hormonal activity. CB1 receptors can be found in great numbers in your brain, central nervous system, and some organs. CB2 receptors are found in three places: Your gastrointestinal tract (where the majority of your immune health resides), your immune cells themselves, and your peripheral nervous system. 

Let’s say you’re suffering from some anxiety. It could be over a job interview, big presentation or a first date. What’s happening in your body is that your anxiety is causing an influx of too much adrenalin. Too many adrenal gland hormones in your system pitch you into a full-blown panic attack. But your ECS can help smooth that out and bring you back in balance by attaching themselves to the correct receptors. Those receptors, in turn, tell your body to stop producing excess adrenaline. The result? You calm down. 

The illustration (click for larger view) shows CB Receptors and where cannabis can be effective. For some issues, you will need THC with specific CBD/terpenes to impact change. Laughing Frogs solutions are designed without THC for a completely relaxing, organic application for health and wellness. THC is needed to cross the blood-brain barrier which triggers the Entourage Effect for CB1 receptors. Therefore, whole plant extract matters, so that all elements within the plant are introduced into your system. 

What about using non-THC products, you ask? Laughing Frogs uses the whole plant, but since there is less than .3% THC, you will not get the psychotropic effect, or get high, but you will get all the benefits through your CB2 receptors PLUS the supplemental impact of our nutraceutical ingredients.

When do I need CBD + THC?
Since Laughing Frogs is not in the recreational marijuana business, we do not offer THC-based products under the Laughing Frogs brand. Our approach is a nutraceutical (food containing health-giving additives) base, focused on specific health and wellness values, enriched with CBD to accelerate the base. For example, our Laughing Frogs Sleep™ product contains melatonin for sleep like many sleep aids, plus CBD to reduce inflammation that may be causing pain and lack of sleep. In advanced cases for migraines, appetite stimulation (post-chemo), Parkinson’s, cancer, Chron’s, and others, you will need CBD/terpenes +THC and other elements associated with the marijuana plant to be effective. As your mom would say, “Eat right, exercise, and think happy thoughts,” are big steps in balancing your life and body.

But, if you have issues like arthritis, joint pain, gout, IBS, skeletal, endocrine, or muscular issues our CBD Rich Nutraceuticals can work quite well. Cannabis companies are forbidden from making medical claims, so educating yourself on how cannabis works is your best tool, plus always consult with your doctor. Going to a cannabis dispensary will get you recreational advice since they can’t make medical claims either. Educate yourself online, then find a brand you trust, start low and go slow, and become your own caregiver. 

A great example of non-THC solutions for epilepsy in children is the story of Charolette Figi. An identical twin with epilepsy was having 1,000+ seizure a month and found a CBD-only solution in Colorado that virtually eliminated her issues and saved her life. Watch the video and become a believer. The ‘Cure-All’ myth claims of how cannabis can cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. While cannabis is a great organic alternative to big pharma, and can have some amazing results, it has limitations. Can cannabis cure cancer? NO! Can cannabis help with cancer related issues like appetite stimulation for chemo patients, reducing tumors, YES. Always consult with your doctor or knowledgeable cannabis experts before trying any ‘miracle’ cures.

The approach is homeostasis. If your body is in balance (non-acidic), then cancer and other chronic diseases have less of a chance of attacking and growing. We make our CBD Softgel Tablets for daily use which is a good regimen to follow as a preventive measure. Things like Rick Simpson Oil and other THC-based products can reduce cancer tumors and help with cancer treatments, but it does not cure cancer. Educate yourself on what CBD-only and THC/CBD can and cannot do.

Bottom-line: Total Body Homeostasis through daily CBD and specific uses can improve your health and wellness dramatically.