Laughing Frogs Balance Sleep™ Softgels


Product Information

Created for Gentle Sleep with no Grogginess *

  • 750mg total hemp CBD
  • 30 Softgels
  • Use one hour before bedtime
  • Serving = 1 softgel 25mg CBD
  • Organic formulation
  • 100% bioavailable
  • No THC, no side-effects
  • Peaceful sleep
  • MCT Oil (blood sugar, cholesterol, memory)
  • Various other ingredients for Health & Wellness
  • Certificate of Analysis

*Always consult with your physician before starting any new health and wellness program.

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The Laughing Frogs Balance Sleep™ formula is developed from non-GMO, full spectrum organic hemp oil. This CBD rich formula uses CO2 extracted hemp oil made 100% bioavailable. This full spectrum product is designed for PM use for a peaceful sleep. Wake with no hangover or grogginess and ready for the new day. Our water soluble softgels are designed for use about one hour before bedtime. Bioavailability means your body, which is 60% water, can fully absorb all the CBD and product benefits. This is the Laughing Frogs approach to ‘Best-of-Shelf” organic nutraceuticals combined with targeted cannabinoids.

Certificate of Analysis