Laughing Frogs Sleep™ Formula


Product Information

Created for Daytime Relaxation or Sleep *

  • 400mg total hemp CBD
  • 60ML (2 oz.) 80 servings
  • Lock-top for easy travel
  • Use as need up to 2x per day
  • Serving (3 pumps) = 5mg CBD
  • Organic formulation
  • 100% bioavailable
  • No THC, no side-effects
  • Take 1 hour before bed
  • No AM grogginess
  • Multivitamins (B12+)
  • CoQ10 (antioxidant)
  • PQQ (anti-aging, sleep, memory)
  • Various other ingredients for Health & Wellness
  • Certificate of Analysis

*Always consult with your physician before starting any new health and wellness program.

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The Laughing Frogs Sleep™ formula is developed from non-GMO, full spectrum organic hemp oil. This CBD rich sublingual includes a combination of specific cannabinoids, terpenes, PCR, B12, CoQ10, PQQ, and other additives to relax during the day or take 1 hour before bedtime. The 60ML (2 oz.) pumper dispenses a uniform amount each time and has a lock-top to make traveling easy. Placed under the tongue, our water soluble sublinguals work faster(~45 minutes) than sprays or pills. Bioavailability means your body, which is 60% water, can fully absorb all the CBD and product benefits. This is the Laughing Frogs approach to ‘Best-of-Shelf” organic nutraceuticals combined with targeted cannabinoids.

Certificate of Analysis