Murrumbooee’s Snooze© spray contains a combination of CBD, Melatonin, L-5-HTP and other additives to affect insomnia, RLS, and other sleep ailments directly. 25 – 35% of the population frequently hasproblems sleeping. Often, these problems are related to stress or upsetting events. However, insomnia can also be a chronic issue and can have a large negative impact on the daily life and functioning of the people involved.Consequences include lower energy levels, memory issues, problems with focusing, and irritation. Many people have tried almost everything, like the use of sleeping pills, but this does not always work sufficiently. CBD oil can be the solution in these cases. CBD is stress reducing and calming for body and mind. Hence, it can help restore a normal sleeping pattern.Enjoy your night time without expensive prescription pills.

The Spray delivers 5.7 Milligrams of formula on each pump. It is recommended to try one or two pumps the first time using the spray and then increase if needed based on effectiveness.

Recommendation: keep the spray out of direct sunlight and refrigerated for coolness.