Murrumbooee RAW Softgels are an efficient way to get the purest form of CBD.Because of their smooth contour and shape, Softgels are very easyto-swallow especially for the elderly. They also offer superior shelflife to capsules, liquids and powders since they are completely sealed and air-tight. Infused with pure CBD oil from agricultural hemp stalks, these easy-to-take soft gels ensure you get a precise amount of CBD every serving. RAW Softgels are absorbed at a faster rate than capsules. These specific soft gels are made with both hemp oil and coconut extracted (MCT oil) containing 25 mg of CBD in each Softgel. This raw softgel contains a full spectrum oil that has the full symphony of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes that help with many diverse ailments. This Entourage effect is highly desirable for users looking for a holistic approach to their well being.

Recommendation: Keep the softgels out of direct sunlight and refrigerated for coolness.

Recommended to be taken mid to late evening