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Targeted Ailments

Focus on Homeostasis
Laughing Frogs has developed nutraceuticals for specific health and wellness that focus on total body balance. The hemp oil in our products accelerate the effectiveness of the nutraceuticals while producing a general body feeling of equilibrium. Consumers may use a combination of solutions to achieve the desired results. For example, use Pain during the day for joint and muscle issues and Sleep at night to reduce pain and get a peaceful night’s sleep without the AM grogginess.

For example, during the day a person with pain from arthritis may use the Laughing Frogs Pain™ as an anti-inflammatory and at night use Laughing Frogs Sleep™ with melatonin. We maintain an extensive knowledge base of the latest developments in organic nutraceutical solutions and their CBD profiles. This allows us to continually improve our solutions. When your balance is balanced, reducing levels of acidity, then certain ailments and diseases can’t get a start.

Our Balance products are focused on balance your body’s acidity and getting a neutral balance. They are designed as a daily routine to maintain your health. Maintaining this balance keep the antioxidants and other nutrients in your system. We will be introducing our Renew and Renew products to focus on specific health and wellness issues.