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Seaweed Powder For Healthy Pets


Product Information

• Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals
• Storage: Store below 30°C ( room temperature ) out of direct sunlight
• Disposal: Clean container and dispose in recyling container
• Not suitable for amphibians or reptiles

*Always consult with your physician before starting any new health and wellness program.

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals to provide healthy levels of potassium for the heart, iodine for the thyroid, magnesium,  zinc, selenium and vitamins A, B and C  for wellness.
  • Pure 100% natural and organic fresh from the sea. Non GMO, sustainably grown. Good for your pet, good for the planet.
  • Seaweed makes guts powerful again. Great prebiotic and anti-inflamatory action with its 30% sulfated polysaccharides to aid growth and balance of beneficial bacteria in the pet’s upper and lower intestine.
  • Get extra energy and playfulness in your pet. Healthier guts, improved liver function, balanced diet, healthier nails and claws and improved pet’s coat together with improvement in joint health and relief of arthritic symptoms.
  • Fight diseases and parasites.  Creation of short chain fatty acids ( acetic, propionic, and butyric acids) and essential nutrition are key to aiding immunity and maintaining good health.





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