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Laughing Frogs Pain™ Formula


Product Information

Created for Joint, Muscle, Nerve pain *

  • 400mg total hemp seed oil
  • 60ML (2 oz.) 80 servings
  • Lock-top for easy travel
  • Use as need up to 2x per day
  • Serving (3 pumps) = 5mg hemp oil
  • Organic formulation
  • 100% bioavailable
  • No THC, no side-effects
  • Astaxanthin (general body health – muscle, eye, heart, skin)
  • Curcumin (joint pain, stiffness)
  • Take as needed for pain

*Always consult with your physician before starting any new health and wellness program.

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The Laughing Frogs Pain™ Formula is developed from non-GMO, full spectrum organic hemp oil. This Hemp Enriched Sublingual includes a combination of Curcumin, Astaxanthin, and other additives to directly affect pain. The 60ML (2 oz.) pumper dispenses a uniform amount each time and has a lock-top to make traveling easy. Placed under the tongue, our sublinguals work faster (~45 minutes) than pills. Bioavailability means your body, which is 60% water, can fully absorb all the hemp oil and product benefits. This is the Laughing Frogs approach to ‘Best-of-Shelf” organic nutraceuticals combined with hemp oil.



Lot No: C170629-3E
Release Date: 09-06-2020
Name of Product: Centuria Foods for Joints/Brain-Orange flavor
Serving size: 1 ml
Description: Red to dark red
Storage: Keep refrigerated, away from light and oxygen


21% Oil:NLT 5 mg6 mgGC
Curcumin:NLT 30 mg35 mgUSP39
Astaxanthin:NLT 4 mg6 mgHPLC
Heavy Metals:NMT 10 ppm<0.005ppmICP-MS (EPA 200.8)
Lead:NMT 0.2 ppm<0.005ppmICP-MS (EPA 200.8)
Arsenic:NMT 2 ppm<0.005ppmICP-MS (EPA 200.8)


Total Plate Count:NMT 1,000 cfu/g<10 cfu/gAOAC 966.23
Total Yeast & Mold:NMT 100 cfu/g<10 cfu/gFDA BAM 8th Ed.
E. Coli:NegativeNegativeFDA BAM Ch. 4
Salmonella:NegativeNegativeFDA BAM Ch. 5

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Research and testing of the benefits of hemp seed oils with high amino acids arginine produce nitric oxide to help with heart and circulatory issues. In a large study of 13,000 people, increased arginine reduces C-reactive protein (CRP) associated with heart disease, as well as reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. Also, hemp seeds are a source of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids to help with skin disorders. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in hemp seeds may reduce PMS and Menopause symptoms. A daily regimen of our nutraceuticals with hemp seed oil is a great way to aid digestion with both soluble and insoluble fiber for great gut health. With no THC, there is no high only great health and wellness benefits.

Serving Size: 3 pumps (5mg Hemp Seed Oil) ^
Servings per container: 80
Container: 60ML – 400MG Hemp Oil
Astaxanthin (general body health
– muscle, eye, heart, skin) 4mg
Curcumin (joint pain stiffness) 30mg

Water, glycerin, sunflower oil, phosphatidylcholine (liposomes), vitamin E, curcumin (turmeric), gum acacia, <1% stevia, chocolate extract, orange flavor, citric acid.

^ Daily value of serving size not established.

DIRECTIONS: Do Not Inhale!

Shake well, pump serving size under tongue. Works in 20-25 minutes. Start low, go slow to find your balance. Store away from light, refrigerate for coolness. Not intended for use by anyone under 18, pregnant, or lactating. Our Nutraceuticals use premium quality lab tested, non-GMO, organic ingredients with imported full spectrum hemp oil for optimal health and wellness results.

DISCLAIMER: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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