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The Antioxidant Plum

Queen Garnet Plum-02

Nutrafruit believes the goodness of The Antioxidant Plum™ is worth bottling, so it has developed a range of products to enjoy year round.

QG Nectar is made from 100% Queen Garnet plum. The Nectar can be consumed on its own, or, if you’re feeling creative, mix it with mineral water and a dash of ginger.

QG Powder Sachets are made from 100% freeze-dried Queen Garnet plum. With its rich purple color and fantastic QG flavor, this powder is a great addition to smoothies, yogurt, and shakes.

QG Probiotic Chewables contain the goodness of Queen Garnet’s antioxidants and 5 billion gut-loving bacteria, making them the perfect addition to your daily health regime.

QG Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder – new formulation with added prebiotics, no added sugars/sweeteners, and more Queen Garnet! Prebiotics are elements that pass through the digestive tract without breaking down, like apple peels. These are fibers that clean the digestive tract. Probiotics are good bacteria that remain in your system for balance and gut health.

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